Jon Hensley has played the role of Holden Snyder since 1985. He is the son of Emma Snyder. He has 2 brothers Caleb and Seth Snyder. Ellie and Meg Snyder are his sisters.

He had a one night stand with Julie Wendall which resulted in Aaron Snyder, his son. He also has a daughter Abigail Williams with Molly Conlan. Emily Stewart and Angel Lange are his ex wives. He married and divorced Lily Walsh. But they are remarried and have a daughter Faith. Holden is also raising Lily's son, Luke from her marraige to Damian Grimaldi

Jon Hensley married Kelley Menighan who plays Emily Stewart in May 1996. They have a baby girl, Sophie May born in December 1998. They have a home just outside of Manhattan. His birthday is August 26.

Photos: Holden & Lily
Jon Hensley & Kelley Menighan Hensley

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