Q. Is Holden really dead?
A. I have been e-mailed this question a lot in the past few weeks. I honestly don't have any inside scoop. But I will say that in my opinion he couldn't really be dead. We never saw the body which means anything is possible. Jon Hensley has a pretty large fan following and I doubt TPTB would mess with them - well I hope not.

Q. Are Scott DeFreitas(Andy) and Maura West(Carly) really married?
A. The answer is Yes! They are married in real life and have a little baby boy named Joseph.

Q. What's the address of the writers at ATWT?
A. Hogan Sheffer - Headwriter
As The World Turns
1268 East 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Q. What happened to Vicky? Is she really dead?
A.Jake was investigating Alec Wallace and Alec was threatened by this. So he ordered a hit on Vicky's plane, which went down. Vicky was pregnant with twins at the time. They never found the body but she is assumed dead for now.

Q. When did ATWT first air on TV?
A. ATWT aired for the first time in 1956. It is the oldest soap after Guiding Light. Helen wagner is the only actress who has been on the show from the very beginning. She celebrated her 80th birthday in August, 1998.

Q. Who are Lily's real parents?
A. Lily is the daughter of Iva Snyder and Josh Landry. Iva is Emma Snyder's adopted daughter and Josh is Cal Sticklyn's son which makes Cal Lily's granddad. Lucinda and James Walsh adopted her.

Q. How do I get Martha Byrne CDs?
A. To order Martha Byrne cds call 1-800-MMBYRNE.

Q. How do I get my comments across to the TPTB at ATWT?
A. Write to the following address:
Chris Goutman
ATWT Executive Producer
As The World Turns
524 West 57th Street, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 1-900-288-7575

To write to one of the actors on the show, use the same address and address the envelope to the actor!

Q. What does TPTB stand for?
A. TPTB stands for "The Powers That Be" which refers to the executives and writers on the show.

If you have any questions please e-mail me and I'd be happy to answer them.

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