Ben Hendrickson & Michael Park as Hal Munson & Jack Snyder Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder Jon Hensley & Kelley Menighan Hensley(Holden & Emily) Jon Hensley & Martha Byrne as Holden & Lily Snyder The Hughes Lisa Brown as Iva Snyder Maura West & Michael Park as Carly Munson & Jack Snyder Anthony Herrera & Elizabeth Hubbard as James Stenbeck & Lucinda Walsh Larry Bryggman & Maura West as John Dixon & Carly Munson Annie Parisse as Julia Lindsay Kathryn Hays as Kim Hughes Annie Parisse and Michael Park as Julia Lindsey and Jack Snyder Martha Byrne & Paolo Seganti as Lily & Damian Marth Byrne as Lily Snyder Martha Byrne & Shawn Christian as Lily Snyder & Mike Kasnoff

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