Martha Byrne joined the cast of ATWT in 1984 as Lily Walsh, the adopted daughter of Lucinda Walsh. Her real mother is Iva Snyder Benedict. Her father is Josh Landry. She has a half brother, M. J. Dixon. Sierra Montgomery is her half sister.

She was married to and widowed by Derek Manson. She was involved with Dusty Donovan. She then met Holden Snyder and married him. They got divorced after which Lily met Damian Grimaldi. They were married and have a son Luke (Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi). Thinking Damian to be dead, Lily married Diego Santana who was killed just after the wedding. And now she is married once again to Holden Snyder and they have a baby daughter named Faith and are also raising Luke together. Recently, Lily was stranded on an island with Simon Frasier who was responsible for almost breaking Lily and Holden up.

Martha Byrne is also playing the role of Rose D'Angelo who is Lily's long lost sister. Rose fell in love with Holden but Holden was faithful to Lily. Rose is slowly becoming quite close to Lily and she is extremely close to the kids who she looked after when Lily was stranded on the Island.

Marth Byrne lives in NYC with her husband Michael McMahon who is a NYC police detective. They have a baby boy Michael Terrence McMahon born May 29,1998. Martha Byrne also has a beautiful voice and has released an album. To order her album call 1-800-MMBYRNE(6629763)

Photos: Holden and Lily
Damian, Lily and Holden
Damian, Lily and Holden
Damian, Lily and Luke
Lily & Damian
Lucinda & Lily
Martha Byrne and her husband
Lily and Hope
Diego and Lily
Mike Kasnoff and Lily

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