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Maura West first arrived in Oakdale in March 1995 as Carly Tenney. She came to town looking for her half sister Rosanna Cabot. Her father was Ray Tenney but she and Ro shared the same mom, Sheila Washburne. Also Molly Conlan and she are cousins.

She had an affair with Mike Kasnoff. She and Jack Snyder were lovers. She then married Hal Munson on March 10, 1998. They are now divorced. Carly had a son Parker by artificial insemination. She later found out the father was Hal Munson. Carly was then briefly married toBrad Snyder. She was then engaged to Jack Snyder but they broke up and Jack married Julia while Carly was held prisoner by Winston Lowe in Hong Kong. She then returned to Oakdale and is once again involved with Jack while his wife Julia is in a mental institution.

Maura West left the show in May 1996. She resumed the role about a year later. She has a baby boy named Benjamin from a previous marriage. Maura is now married toScott DeFreitas(Andy) and they have a baby boy, Joseph.

Photos: Carly and John
Carly and Jack
Carly and Brad at their wedding
Carly and Brad
Carly and Julia
Maura West and Scott DeFreitas
Maura West

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