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Michael Park first arrived in Oakdale in April 1997 as Jack Snyder. Emma Snyder is his aunt. Caleb and Seth Snyder are his cousins, as are Meg and Ellie Snyder. Holden Snyder is also his cousin. Brad Snyderis his brother.

He and Carly Tenney were lovers. He was engaged to Julia Lindsey.

He was then engaged to Carly who disappeared on their wedding day. He then married Julia who went crazy after miscarrying their baby. She is currently in a mental health facility while Jack and Carly are back together again.

Michael Park and his wife Laurie have a 2 year old baby boy, Christopher Michael and are expecting another baby in February 2000.

Photos: Jack & Hal
Michael & Laurie Park
Jack and Julia
Jack & Carly

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