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Annie Parisse
(Julia Lindsey)

Annie ParisseAnnie Parisse originated the role of Julia Lindsey in March 1998. Annie was born on July 31 in Anchorage, Alaska. She grew up in Seattle, WA. She has two brothers. Annie studied at the Holborne Center for the Performing Arts in London and is a graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Parisse's theatre credits include roles in Misalliance, Bodacious Flapdoodle, Leave It To Beaver Is Dead, Throwin' Bones, Much Ado About Nothing, Farmyard, As You Like It, Love's Labor Lost, Antigone, and Standards of Beauty.

Annie Parisse live in Brooklyn, NY and has a boyfriend, Colin Hodges. She likes opera.

On ATWT Julia was engaged to Reid Hamilton in spite of being in love with Jack Snyder. Her mother is Charlotte Lindsey.

Julia was a reporter for The Argus which is run by Lisa Hughes. She finally married Jack Snyder but was very insecure when Carly Jack's ex-fiancee returned to town. She miscarried their baby and is currently in a mental health facility doing everything she can to keep from divorcing Jack who is back with Carly.

Photos:Jack and Julia
Jack and Julia
Jack, Julia, Carly and Brad
Jack & Julia
Carly and Julia

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