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Scott Defreitas first arrived in Oakdale in 1985 as Andy Dixon. Andy, a photographer by profession is the son of John Dixon and Kim Hughes. M. J. Dixon, Christopher Hughes and the deceased Johnny Dixon are his half brothers. Margo Hughes and Sabrina Hughes are his half sisters.

He and Julie Wendall were lovers. He had an affair with Janice Maxwell. He was married to Courtney Baxter. He and Nikki Munson were dating. He was engaged to Molly Conlan. He then married Denise Maynard to keep custody of their daughter Hope. At the moment Andy is away on a shooting assignment.

Scott Defreitas is the oldest of 3 brothers. His birthday is on Sept 9. He has been on the show on and off since 1985. He is married to Maura West and they have a son Joseph.

Photos:Nikki and Andy
Scott and Maura

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