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Lesli Kay originated the role of Molly Conlan in March 1997. Molly has a daughter Abigail Williams with Holden Snyder (Jon Hensley). She was put up for adoption in 1985. Carly Tenney (Maura West) and she are cousins.

She and David Stenbeck were engaged. Molly was also engaged to Reid Hamilton(Keith Coulouris) Molly was engaged toAndy Dixon.

She had an affair with Chris Hughes. She is now engaged to Jake McKinnon.

Lesli Kay was born in Charleston, WV. Her birthday is June 13. She lives in New York City with Keith Coulouris (ex-Reid). They have a precious and very funny little boy named Jackson William Coulouris, who was born on 2-22-2000 on a Tuesday.

Photos:David & Molly

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