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Ellen Dolan took over the role of Margo Hughes in 1989. John Dixon and Lyla Montgomery are her parents. Cricket Montgomery is her half sister. Craig Montgomery , Duke Kramer, M. J. Dixon, Andy Dixon and the deceased Johnny Dixon are her 1/2 brothers. Katie Peretti is her half sister.

She had an affair with James Stenbeck. She and Hal Munson were lovers which resulted in Adam who is being brought up as Tom's son though everyone including Adam knows that Hal is his Dad. She is married to Tom Hughes and they have a son, Casey. She and Tom were separated when Margo found out that her then best friend Emily slept with Tom and had his baby, Daniel.Margo then dated Alec Wallace. She is now back together (married) with Tom.

Ellen Dolan was born and raised in Iowa. She now lives in Grenwich Village in NY. Her birthday is on October 16.

Photos:Tom & Margo
The Hughes Family

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