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Elizabeth Hubbard took over the role of Lucinda walsh in 1984. Lucinda has a daughter Sierra. Lily is her adopted daughter. Samantha Anderson is her half sister as is Neal Talbot who died. Royce Keller is her brother

Her first husband was Jacob Esteban who was Sierra's dad. Her second husband was James Walsh who is the adopted father of Lily. She then married Martin Guest who died. Her next husband was John Dixon. Cal Sticklyn and she were lovers. She had an affair with Craig Montgomery and with Scott Eldridge. She and James Stenbeck were lovers. They were married for a short time. Lucinda is currently involved in a storyline with her grandson Bryant trying to keep Craig from marrying Barbara.

Elizabeth Hubbard has won 4 MVP awards and has been nominated for 7 emmys and 10 SOD awards. She has numerous Broadway plays to her credit. She has acted in movies like "Ordinary People" & "The Bell Jar". She was born and lives in NYC. She has a son Jeremy Bennett who is a TV reporter in New Jersey.

Photos: Lucinda & Samantha
Lucinda & Lily
Lucinda & James Stenbeck

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