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Paul Leyden
(Simon Frasier)

Paul LeydenPaul Leydenjoined the cast of As the World Turns in February 2000, in the role of Simon Frasier. Simon pretended to be an architect to get into Lily and Holden's house. He fell in love with Lily and almost broke up Lily and Holden. He is now married to Katie Peretti purely so that he can stay in the country. Katie, however, is totally in love with him. Recently, we found out that Simon has been married many times and each time to wealthy women. Lily believed that he was also after her money but it was quite obvious that he fell for Lily along the way. He is currently working for Katie's half brother Craig Montgomery.
Paul Leyden is Australian. He moved to NYC from Sydney, where he and two friends continue to run a production company, Wandering Wolf Productions. Leyden holds degrees in economics from Monash University, and in dramatic arts from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.
Leyden was in the film Under the Gun, and has a number of regional theater credits. His television appearances include Tribe, F.A.R.S.C.A.P.E., Beastmaster and Home and Away.

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